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      Site keywords
      Auto parts inspection
      Electrical and electronic testing
      Military product testing
      Environmental reliability test
      About us  
      Jiangsu ast testing technology service co., LTDASTthe specialty is engaged in the third-party impartial testing and consulting services. The company has the world first-class testing equipment, advanced detection technology, professional technical team and experienced high-quality laboratory management.
      AST has become a collection of environmental reliability testing, construction material performance testing, failure analysis, physical and chemical detection is a body comprehensive services. Service capabilities covering military/civilian, electronic electric appliance, auto, materials, aerospace, general equipment, vessels, machinery, medical equipment, textile, toys, rubber plastic, transport packaging applications, such as scale, the existing test ability and level in the leading level in the inline inspection agencies.

      Service items
      Climate environment reliability test
      Mechanical reliability test environment
      The light aging test
      Salt spray corrosion test
      Gas corrosion test
      Service area
      Auto parts
      Electrical and electronic products
      Rail transit products
      National defense war industry products
      Contact us

      Jiangsu ast testing technology service co., LTD

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